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Site Evaluation

You may have an inkling that a site you own would be worth more if it was built up differently. If there is something in it for you there may be something in it for us, so we will have an initial look at it for you without charge.


Very often this needs to persuade agents and potential tenants that the site is suitable, so a 3D model helps. Schedules of accommodation and site layouts are needed to work out how much fits on the site.


It is expected by Planning Authorities now that proposals are put to them in this formal but confidential process. The more detail you can give, the better you will get a feel for the Council's priorities and demands.

Planning Submission

If you market a site with Planning Permission, you can ask for unqualified offers. Bidders may still feel that they can squeeze a little more value but the risk will be theirs and any uplift can be shared.

Landowners Menu

Whether you have an under-used site or your buildings are fully let, there is often an opportunity to unlock its hidden value.

Hives Architects have long standing experience of dealing with the local Planning Authorities in the Thames Valley. If you have ever passed a site and wondered "How on earth did they manage to get Planning Permission there?" then the answer is likely to be that they used a professional team with local knowledge who doggedly knocked down one obstacle after another until the Authority had no alternative but to give permission.

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