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Drawing up a Brief

If you come to us with your needs and ideas we will happily discuss whether a building is what you need. If so it will still take much thought and consultation on all sides to get step by step towards a building design that fits your needs and budget.

Getting Permission

Consultation is the key to success. First, consultation with your members, then with the wider public and also with the Planning Authority. We have found that our way of working in 3D allows us to communicate our ideas and your ideas really well.

Ways and Means

We are well used to working to a budget, and planning around the need to keep part of the site operational. Hives has always believed that a roof that leaks is no roof at all, and that good detailing is the key to easy construction and low maintenance.

Getting it Built

Hives Architects are practical people who can act as a bridge between you and your builder. We always recommend a competitive tender and a proper building contract, and we will handle the formalities as well as keeping a close eye on the building site.

Communities Menu

Every community organisation is different, so we won't have worked for anyone quite like you before.

Having said that, we have worked with:

  • Kindergartens
  • Church of England Parishes
  • Japanese colleges
  • Rugby Clubs
  • Private Members' Clubs
  • Youth clubs
  • Independent churches
  • Universities
  • Allotment holders
  • Groups wanting to build a mosque
  • Primary schools
  • Magistrates' Courts
  • Church of England Dioceses
  • Adventist colleges
  • and many others, some of whom had never built anything before.

We understand how carefully the needs of different stakeholders have to be balanced, how the budget and phasing of work needs to be thought through, and how to present a project in a way that everyone can clearly understand.

Hives Architects LLP 

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Guildford Office:

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