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Listed Buildings

We will work with you and your agents and cost consultants to find the scheme that promises the greatest yield for the lowest risk. The more realistic we are at this stage the more sure you can be that the scheme will stack up financially before you go any further.

Planning Permission

Because we work in 3D the feasibility scheme may be enough to use for a pre-application. Housing schemes over 100 units and larger commercial schemes need a number of Consultant's reports and we co-ordinate these as part of the process.

Restaurants & Shops

We don't do much work for big chains, more for one-off shops and restaurants. Designing for someone's business can be just as personal a process as it is designing someone's house. We take our cue from our Client and aim to make something unique.

One-off Houses

Developer build, design and build, and conventional JCT contracts - we have done them all. The size of the project team and the preferences of our Client dictates how wide a role we have on site, but we have experience to call on and a local base.

Services For Individuals

Our philosophy of putting our Client's priorities first means that you wont have vainglorious architecture imposed on you. Glorious architecture , perhaps. Read more ...

Hives Architects LLP 

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Reading (Main) Office:

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Guildford Office:

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